Sunday, December 21, 2014


Tonight our seven year old volunteered to say the family prayer.  He prayed," Dear God, I pray for Jackson, and his paperwork to go really fast so he can come home soon. I love you, Amen" Jackson doesnt know someone is praying for him. 
Jackson doesnt even know he's being adopted.
He doesnt know his knew brother has designed their room, planned the games they can play, and counts down the days until he arrives. 
He doesn't know that tomorrow, on his birthday on the other side of the world, someone is celebrating him.  I can't wait for the day that he knows that he was loved before he ever got here! 

  This week our dossier went to China, and if you've ever adopted before you know what an accomplishment that is! Please join us in prayer for the remaining steps to go smoothly and for the financial provision of the up- coming steps.  

Januarys Needs:  $900 in legal/ agency fees

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jackson Adoption Update November

   Exciting news today, as our I- 800 A approval came! This means that our paperwork can go to the Consulate now, and then onto China next month! We are so thankful for all the details God has worked out for this, including the fees we needed for our November steps. 

Prayer Requests:  
     We would love it if you will continue to pray with us for God to prepare Jackson's heart for the changes he will be making as he joins our family next year.  Also, we are praying for a quick and smooth paperwork process as our paperwork heads to China next month.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jackson Adoption Update October..

   We got that piece of paper in the mail yesterday, the one we repeatedly checked the mail box over and over for the last two weeks! It was our invitation from the Department of Homeland Security to make the trip to St Louis to get fingerprinted.  The last step of our dossier preparation.  Five months of paperwork and we are on the last step of our side of the paperwork.  Then, begins China's side, which involves lots of waiting, but less work on our part.  :) Yeah!

We'd love to have you involved.  

Friday mornings we are setting aside time to lift up Jackson's adoption in prayer...we'd love to have you agreeing with us for the financial part, and for no paperwork issues.  Also, for God to begin to prepare Jackson's heart for the big transition.

We are trying to save/ raise $3,200 by the end of November.  This will have to be paid before our paperwork can be sent to China, and we have a deadline of December, 2 to have the paperwork in China.  Deadlines make this Mama nervous, but we know they are no obstacle for God! Thanks for joining us on this journey! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jackson Adoption Update: September

Jacksons September Adoption Update:

    Everyone has been asking how Jacksons adoption is going. I'd love to say that with each adoption we have become faster at the paperwork and it's flying, but that unfortunately is not the case.  No matter how many adoptions you do there are always paperwork issues! UGH! It looks like we have the "paper chase" almost wrapped up though, and should have the last documents to our agency by next week.  Yeah! Once that happens we can travel to St Louis for fingerprinting, and upon approval of that send our dossier to China.

Prayer requests for September:

We are praying for the remaining paperwork to go smoothly with no issues, and for a safe and timely trip to St Louis for fingerprinting.

Financial needs for September:

$890.00 fingerprinting fee.   ( Thank-you to those of you who bought a goat, that $$ is going towards this fee!  :) You will now have milk and help Jackson come home! :)  

     Thank-you for joining us in prayer and support as we work towards Jackson joining our family!! Everytime I see that adorable, chubby little face and those dimples smiling at me from the picture on the fridge, I just want to jump on the next plane to hard to wait!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

And here we go again...

    We hear " you're crazy" often.  I doesn't bother me.  There are days when I tell myself how crazy we are! As I'm running late to church ( yes I overslept because I was up every two hours all night feeding goats or piggies)   and realize someone put the three year old in the car with no shoes, my seven year old son, decided to put his pj shirt back on at the last min, ( and I didn't see it until I looked in the rear view mirror)  and oh yes, the goat milk spilled all over my pants as I was running back from the barn, and I couldn't change them even if I had time because that mountain in the laundry room is not Mt. Everest, it's dirty laundry for nine people! So, when someone says how crazy I am, I'm thinking, " you have no idea!" But, for every hectic, crazy moment, my life is filled with twice as many blessed moments.  Not a day goes by that I dont get a love note,( adorable crayon scribbles telling me that I'm the greatest mom in the world).  I fall asleep to little hands and " I lub you Mama" 's I wake up to giggling voices climbing all over me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  All the chaos, all the noise, and all of the mess, can not even match all of the love and laughter that fills my heart! So when God opened the doors for us to go back to China, and get the precious little boy, with the huge smile, that followed us around the children's home, we couldn't be happier! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

     Okay, so the first month home has been busy to say the least, so I've totally neglected the blog.  Some might think if you already have six kids that adding a seventh might not change the routine much, but when you factor in all that goes with adjustment and the sleep deprivation of being up all night with a child whose body is on a different time zone, our past month was has been some readjusting. We feel so blessed that Amy IS adjusting wonderfully though! She has days where she is a little tearful but overall is very happy almost all of the time! She has loved trying new things and joins right in with everything we do.... She's amazing, smart and so kind!

( Amy at the lake, getting " messy feet" )

She's joined the ranks of " Daddy's girls"

..and loves wrestling with big brother..

...and dressing up like a princess...

First day of church...

and she loves teaching" little sister" all sorts of funny things! 

Amy Joy was the perfect name as she fills our house with joy every day!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

China 2014

I apologize to all who were wanting to follow the blog.  Facebook and the blog were blocked in China. It was disappointing but I've learned with international adoption you have to just be flexible, as many things don't go the way you plan, I guess that's part of the adventure! 
     Our trip to China went well, but we were so tired by the time we arrived! We flew to Shanghai and then caught a flight to Fuzhou. We probably looked like zombies Saturday night when we got off of the plane in Fuzhou.  Things were a bit confusing as someone other than our guide picked us up at the airport, but we managed to get to the hotel and check in with no issues.  We met the guide the next day to go get Amy at the Civil Affairs office.  When she arrived, she informed us that the plans had changed, and we'd be picking up Amy at a hotel.  Hey, we didn't care where, we just wanted to meet her!! We took a taxi to the hotel and after the cab left, found out it was the wrong hotel and it was the time we were supposed to pick her up.  The guide said there would not be time to catch another taxi that we needed to just run over to the other hotel...which would have been easier had it not been pouring rain.  We were so excited to meet her we didnt care at that point!  When we arrived, ( a little wet) she was sitting in a chair, playing with some magnetic letters.  She kept looking at us out of the corner of her eye, and then handed us letters one at a time, saying the name of each.  When they told her we were her family, she said she knew that. :)  She let us hold her and pulled the book we sent her out of her bag, and pointed at each of our pictures, and then at us, saying " Mom and Dad"  The passport pictures were funny as they had to take over 15, since she decided to make a silly face or pose for each one.  We realized we had a little tease on our hands- ha ha. 

She was a little frightened of her first bath since she'd never been bathed in a tub. but now asks for a " bubble bath" every time she's in the bathroom.  She was very quiet the first few days, and woke up throughout the night, afraid, but each day we noticed her opening up to us a little more, and starting to smile.  She copied my every move. If I read my novel, then she'd sit in the same position and read, ect.  She even went in the bathroom after me and tried to wear my makeup. We were absolutely shocked at how smart she is.  She can speak English, Chinese and Sign Language. 

We had many paperwork appointments, but also found time to visit some museums and parks, and learn more about the Chinese culture...

One of the best days we had was when we had the opportunity to visit Hidden Treasures, the home Amy was in. What an amazing place, ran by the most incredible people.  Rick and I were so moved by their passion to rescue special needs children. God is doing amazing things there, and we felt so blessed to visit.  The love and care Amy received there is reflected very much in her personality and development! We hope to one day return there with the older children on missions trips. 

We traveled all around china by taxi, bus and plane, and amy was an excellent traveler.  she loved taking in all the sights and was excited about everything we did.  She especially like flying.
 After a week in her province we flew down to Guangzhou where we had her medical exam..

and Consulate appointment...

We were so excited when Cindy ( whose living in Beijing right now) flew down to meet her new little sister. She really wanted to come home with us, so it was hard to say goodbye..

We had a wonderful time in China, but missed the kids here so much! We are glad to be home, and will share more pics later. ( Probably in the middle of the night, since a certain little Chinese girl is not sleeping! )